Fitted Sheet | The Insider's Guide On Picking The Right Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

Fitted Sheet | The Insider's Guide On Picking The Right Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

Fitted Sheet | The Insider's Guide On Picking The Right Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

Picking the fitted sheet that is the right fitted sheet for your bed can seem like a daunting task, but with insider  jersey bedding knowledge you can make an educated decision before you ever step foot in the fitted sheet store in Australia. While it's tempting to go with whatever set is offered by your favourite fitted bed sheets retailer, that isn't necessarily the fitted sheet from itfits is the best choice—and you're not alone if you don't know what all the different types of sheets are and what they mean for your bed.

How To Buy The Perfect Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

Fitted sheets from the bedsheet shop all have one thing in common: They fit snugly over a mattress, from top to bottom, in order to keep your sheet and mattress pad from slipping out of place. Other than this basic function, though, the king single fitted sheet varies a great deal even in Australia. The fitted sheet's two main categories are flat and fitted. A flat sheet is a simple rectangular piece of fabric that bunches around the fitted sheet corners in order to stay on the fitted sheet mattress. A fitted sheet is slimmer than flat bed sheets, with elasticized corners to hold it in place. This means that when you pick up a flat sheet, it will fall straight down again; a fitted sheet will stay put because of its elasticized corners. 

This difference might seem negligible at first glance when you are in the bedsheet shop, but choosing the wrong kind of fitted bed sheets can create problems over time and lead to more laundry or even injury (this Is the first step to picking the right fitted sheet for your bed is deciding what you want it to do. A good sheet set is an investment, and choosing the fitted sheet right sheet will have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your bed.

How much do you care about being able to see your bed frame? Some people are so concerned with making sure they can see their beautiful, custom-made bed frame in the fitted sheet foot of their bed that they'll pay extra for fitted bed sheets that are very low-cut. If this is important to you, make sure you get a nice low-cut fitted sheet or t shirt sheets; if it's not, then don't be worried about adding another inch or two of height to your mattress.

How To Buy The Right Fitted Sheet

How important is breathability? The most important thing about king single fitted sheet is keeping them clean and fresh—it's more important than how much you can see the fitted sheet bed frame, and it even takes priority over whether or not you'll be sleeping hot (though if you're concerned about sleeping hot, it might be wise to invest in a good set of wool sheets or  jersey bedding). No matter how thick and fluffy your double bed sheet mattress is, it will never be as comfortable as when you're laying on freshly laundered sheets. If breathability is a concern for you, make sure to find a thin

There are many double bed sheet factors to consider as you shop for a new fitted sheet from itfits, but once you start to look, you'll see that it's actually quite easy to narrow down your bed sheets options to just one. There are three main things to consider:

  • the fitted sheet dimensions of your bed
  • the fitted sheet type of mattress and 
  • the fitted sheet thickness of your mattress pads

The Best Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

When you lay your head down on a soft and gentle fitted bed sheets pillow, it's easy to forget just how much of your life is spent sleeping. That's a massive chunk of time and we're not getting nearly enough of it. This is why it's so important to make sure that you're sleeping on the right kind of fitted sheet for your bed from the bedsheet shop. We've all made do with a less-than-ideal fitted sheet at one point or another, but if you don't have the fitted sheet right fit for your  mattress and your bed, you won't be getting the fitted sheet restful sleep that you need. Here's what you need to know about picking out the perfect doona cover for you:


fitted sheet is a mystery to many, but they don't have to be. In this doona cover guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about fitted bed sheets—how they're different from flat sheets, how to pick the right fitted sheet for your bed and your needs, and some of the fitted sheet features that help them stand out in an increasingly crowded market. fitted sheet is a mystery to many, but they don't have to be. In this bed sheets guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about fitted bedsheets—how they're different from flat sheets, how to pick the fitted sheet right one for your bed and your needs, and some of the fitted sheet features that help them stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

How To Know What Size Of Itfits Fitted Sheet You Want

When people think of king single sheets, usually their first thought is a flat sheet. Flat sheets are exactly as they sound—a single sheet of fitted bed sheets fabric with no additional structure. That means it doesn't have pockets for the fitted sheet corners or sides of the fitted sheet mattress and it doesn't fit snugly against the fitted sheet mattress like a fitted sheet does. Often referred to as "standard" or "twin-sized" (meaning it fits a standard twin-sized bed), flat sheets tend to run shorter than either king- or queen fitted sheet because they don't have any extra length needed for the bedsheets.

The most common type of bedding in Australia is the fitted sheet flat sheet—a single-piece cloth that wraps around a mattress to form its surface. However, many people do not realise that there is another option for their jersey sheets: the fitted sheet. A double bed sheet fitted sheet is much like a flat sheet but with the fitted sheet corners gathered and stitched so it fits snugly around a mattress. Because of this, it is often more compact than other types of sheets, which makes it easier to store jersey sheets in a linen closet or under a bed.

fitted sheet is made with elasticized corners that extend beyond the fitted sheet mattress so they can be stretched around king single sheets edges and held down by elastic straps across the fitted sheet bottom of the fitted sheet bed frame. The space between the doona cover corner elastic straps and where they attach to the fitted sheet headboard will determine how much of your mattress is covered by the queen fitted sheet; on average, a fitted sheet will cover about 70% of a mattress' surface area when stretched tight enough to properly fit it to your bed frame.

How To Choose The Right Fitted Sheet

A mattress pad and a flat sheet are the simplest, most affordable way to enhance your sleeping experience. If you don't have a mattress pad and a flat sheet on your bed, you're not using all of your bed, you need a  jersey bedding. A fitted sheet or t shirt sheets is only used in the same way as a flat sheet (as opposed to a mattress pad), except it includes elastic all the way around the fitted sheet edges so that it fits snugly over the corners of your mattress.


The wrong kind of king single sheets can be uncomfortable or even unsafe. First of all, if you use a fitted sheet that's too small for your mattress, it will probably cause a gap between where the fitted sheet elastic ends and where your sheets start. The king single fitted sheet extra fabric will roll up and make an uncomfortable ridge at night. This is also dangerous because if you're sleeping with someone else, they could get caught as they roll over during the night without the fitted sheet. The fitted sheet’s ideal size for that queen fitted sheet is about six to eight inches longer than your mattress and about two inches wider than your mattress (to allow for shrinkage that occurs when they are washed).

As anyone who has ever tried to buy fitted sheets or t shirt sheets can tell you, finding the right ones can be a pain in the neck. And this is doubly true if you're looking for a specific size or type of bedding. For example, I bought an adjustable bed frame some time ago and was thrilled to learn that it didn't have fixed sheets from the bedsheet shop. A simple pull of the cord meant that I could raise or lower my entire mattress at will. Unfortunately, the only sheets sold for adjustable beds are flat, not fitted. This meant that I needed to find fitted bed sheets that would fit around the foam pad that adjusted the bed. It's become easier now that there are more flat sheets available for adjustable beds, but back then it was hard to find anything to fit them.

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