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Shipping Rates and Lead Times

If you’re ordering from within Australia, we offer a flat-rate shipping fee of just AUD14, no matter how many articles you order at the same time. So ask 14 of your friends to team up with you, and each person pays just AUD1 for the shipping!

If you’re ordering from outside of Australia, the shipping rates will vary, depending on where you are. Please find the rates at the checkout.

We now ship directly from our Sydney warehouse with the following shipping times:

SYD: Next day delivery
MEL/BRI: 1-3 days
All others: 3-10 days

If you are in a hurry we offer an express shipping for most countries. You can find detailed information at the checkout.


Foreign Duties and Taxes

We ship your goods from our Sydney warehouse directly to the address you specify.

We are not responsible for collecting or paying any foreign duties and taxes you may incur by having items shipped from Australia. As the receiving party, you’ll be responsible for paying any duties or taxes that your government charges.

If you order from outside of Australia, we recommend that you check with your local customs officials or post office regarding import taxes/duties that may be applicable to your online order.