What is the thread count of It-fits bedding products?


Zero! Yes, that’s right, all our products are made of knitted jersey 100% cotton fabric, which is made in a completely different way to traditional woven cotton bedding – see how here. So don’t worry about the thread count! What’s important is that our sheets are made of knitted cotton jersey.


Wait! Are you saying that It-fits sheets aren’t made of woven fabric?


Exactly! We chose to use knitted cotton jersey fabric because it’s much softer and stretchier, and more comfortable and wrinkle-resistant than woven fabric – here’s why.


Doesn’t knitted cotton jersey feel too hot?


No. Thanks to its structure, knitted cotton jersey fabric allows air to circulate and escape, and regulates the temperature in your bed so you’ll feel comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer. Traditional cotton bedding is densely woven, meaning that airflow is restricted through the fabric and you tend to feel too warm when you’re sleeping.

What size sheet do I need?

It’s easy! If you don’t know whether your bed is Single, Double, Queen or King-sized, just check out our Sizing Guide, where you’ll find the measurements for fitted sheets, flat sheets, doona covers and pillow cases.


Does It-fits offer split king fitted sheets?

Yes, the It-fits Single/Long Single fitted sheet will fit perfectly on a split king mattress. You can find it here: Single/long single fitted sheet

Will the fitted sheet fit my non-standard Australian mattress?


Cotton jersey is very flexible, so even if your bed is as much as 8 centimetres longer, shorter, wider or deeper than a standard-sized Australian bed, the sheet will still fit neatly. Cotton jersey’s multiway knit means that is stretchier than woven fabric, so even if your bed is a few centimetres bigger or smaller than the Australian standard, your It-fits sheet will still fit, no worries. And our fitted sheet’s 360 degree elasticised hem, ensures it fits perfectly, even on mattresses up to 37 centimetres deep (equivalent of a 50cm woven fitted sheet wall). If you’re still not sure and you need our help, please email us. email us.

How much will cotton jersey fabric shrink?

Our cotton jersey products will shrink around 5-7% after the first wash, and then never again. We’ve built shrinkage into the measurements of our products, so once you wash your product for the first time, it will be the right size and fit perfectly.


Should I wash my sheets and covers before the first use?


Yes, we recommend that you do. The fabric has come straight from the production and finishing process, and an initial wash will allow the sheet to smell freshly laundered and also shrink to the correct size before putting it on your bed.

What are the care instructions for my It-fits products?

It’s really easy! Simply wash your It-fits sheets and covers in your machine (we recommend using cold or warm water only), and then tumble dry on warm, or hang them out to dry. You really don’t need to iron them – any wrinkles on your fitted sheet will disappear as soon as you stretch it onto your mattress. If you do want to iron your sheets or covers, set your iron on warm, not hot. Taking care of your It-fits items is as simple as laundering a t-shirt.

Where can I buy It-fits products?


It-fits products are exclusively available from our Online Shop. If you want to see and feel the product before you buy, please e-mail us and we’ll happily send you a colour card, with small swatches of the fabric in the actual colours (while stock lasts).


How can I be sure that an It-fits product is safe for my skin?

All It-fits products are made of fabric that has been certified according to the strict criteria of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which guarantees that there are no harmful chemicals in the fabric.

Can I buy It-fits products outside of Australia?

Yes. Our online shop offers delivery to over 100 countries. Check our shipping rates and lead times at checkout.

How much do you charge for shipping?


If you’re ordering from within Australia, we offer a flat-rate shipping fee of just AU$14, no matter how many articles you order at the same time. So ask 14 of your friends to team up with you, and each person pays just AU$1 for the shipping!
If you’re ordering from outside of Australia, the shipping rates will vary, depending on where you are. Please find detailed shipping rates at checkout.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Most orders will arrive within 3-12 working days, depending on the destination. If you are in a hurry, we offer an express shipping for most countries. You can find detailed information at the checkout.

I want to order products in bulk for my shop, bed & breakfast, hotel, hostel… Is that possible?

Sure! Please get in touch with us by email and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your business.


Can I return a product if I don’t like it?

Of course we hope you love our products as much as we do, but no worries if you change your mind. To return an item, please make sure it’s in its original condition with all the packaging and labels, and has not been washed or used. Then you may return it within 30 days.
Returns will be credited in the same way you originally paid. Postage charges on returns are not refundable unless the product is being returned under a Warranty Claim.
For more information, please visit our Returns page.

If I return a product, why do I have to pay the return shipping fee?


If we built the return shipping fee into our pricing, all our customers would in effect be subsidising the few people who change their minds. We don’t think that would be fair, so we don’t want to increase our prices to cover those costs. That’s why we ask the people who return products to bear the cost themselves.
For more information, please visit our Returns page.

Do your fitted sheets work on a bendable/adjustable bed?


Yes! Our sheets are perfect for bendable beds because they are made out of cotton jersey fabric, which means they are stretchy and can adapt to the bend of your mattress. Our fitted sheets have an elastic hem that runs 360 degrees around the edge. Your sheet will still fit perfectly, even on thinner mattresses, as the sheet is gathered together firmly underneath the mattress.
Below is some recent feedback from another customer who was looking for sheets for her adjustable bed.
“Recently I contacted you in desperation because I couldn’t find a fitted sheet to fit my adjustable bed. I had purchased four sheet sets for well over $400 and they were all hopeless. They kept pulling out from under the mattress and ending up in a crumpled mess on top of the mattress. You assured me that your sheets would work - in fact you said you would refund my money if I was not happy. This gesture really impressed me. Well, I am happy to say that I have given the fitted sheet a good test run – numerous machine washes and drying in a clothes dryer and they fit perfectly and still look brand new!
After a week on the bed they look as though they have just been put on! I am so happy I have just ordered another fitted sheet. I have been proudly showing all my friends and they are all very impressed. I hadn’t realised how many people have experienced the same problem. I would love to write you a very glowing review that could help other people find the perfect fitted sheet. I don’t have any social media but if I could place a review on your site that would be great. Just let me know how to do it. If I had been able to read such a review it would have saved me hours of trolling through sites and getting totally confused!”
Anne, August 2021


Will your sheets fit on a camper mattress or other thin mattresses?


Our fitted sheets are designed with a 360 degree elastic hem, so even if the mattress is not deep, it will still fit perfectly as the sheet is gathered together and held firmly under the mattress.


Where are your sheets made?


We only use Australian cotton. We would dearly love to manufacture our sheets in Australia. Unfortunately there are no suitable factories in Australia with the technology required to produce our high quality jersey. We have instead carefully sourced one of the best accredited factories in China that has met the rigorous requirements of an audit by the global Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to create what we believe are the highest quality cotton jersey sheets in the world! Our quality is guaranteed 100%.

What do I do if I have a problem?

The best way to solve a problem is to talk directly with us first. We can usually solve any product, payment or delivery issues quickly, directly and efficiently. We take great pride in caring for our customers and we promise to always find a solution for any issue you may have.

Do you offer a lay-by or similar pay-later service?


We are not in the position to offer these services. They usually involve a range of hidden costs to businesses, which means eventually these costs will be passed onto customers or added to the cost of the goods. Our aim is to keep our prices affordable for everyone.


Do your sheets pill?

The fabric we use in our sheets and pillow cases are produced according to very high European standards. We use 100% pure Australian cotton, known around the world for its excellent quality, in order to keep pilling to a minimum. Fabrics tend to pill more when fibres break and get pushed up onto the surface, especially if the fibres used in the fabric are of poor quality. Pilling is also more likely to happen fibres are mixed e.g. polyester and cotton. Pilling can be minimised if the fabric is laundered carefully and when our care instructions are followed.


How we intend our flat sheets/top sheets to be used.


Our flat sheets are designed to be used in summer when a doona may be too warm. They are sized to be used loosely on top. They extend over the mattress at the bottom and sides slightly but are not intended to be tucked into the mattress.


When are your products on sale?


Our brand philosophy is to offer the highest quality product for a consistently reasonable price. Therefore we tend to not have discount sales or sale seasons. Sometimes we might offer free shipping or a little discount to move discontinued stock or clear our warehouse before a new delivery. We hope you understand!


We’d love to hear from you


If you have any more questions, or you’d like to give us some comments or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! And we promise to answer quickly.