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Why It-fits?

It-fits brings the best of Australian cotton jersey together with Swiss engineering, to create the most comfy, stretchy (and snuggle-worthy) sheets. Not only are they a pleasure to sleep on, but they make the whole bed-making drama a breeze. Our customers have discovered the best-kept secret in sheets that boast ‘minimum fuss, maximum comfort’.

Our ‘Dream Formula’ comprises of three key ingredients- Australian cotton, jersey knit and perfect-engineered design. Together they create the perfect fit for your mattress and ensure rejuvenating sleep.

Our Dream Formula - The magic behind It-Fits:

It's Australian Cotton

✔️Naturally soft-With its inherent softness, cotton is ideal choice for fabrics, such as bedding, that comes into close contact to your skin.

✔️Naturally breathable- Cotton it naturally porous allowing for the easy flow of air and moisture absorption, maximising comfort and encouraging quality sleep.

✔️Naturally thermoregulating- Its thermoregulating properties ensures heat produced by the body during sleep can easily escape, keeping cool air to circulate and keeping you comfortable.

✔️Naturally sensitive- Harvested directly from the plant, cotton is a natural chemical-free choice for sensitive skin.

It's Jersey

✔️ Naturally stretchy- Jersey’s endless threads create fabric that is flexible, that enables an easy, wrinkle-free snug fit.

✔️ Naturally easy-care- No need to iron or hand-wash. Our sheets are wrinkle-free and machine washable.

✔️ Naturally breathable- the fabric structure promotes greater airflow, maximizing comfort.

✔️ Naturally thermoregulating- regulates temperature which is important for quality sleep.

It’s engineered to perfection

✔️ snug fit- We pay great attention to the smallest details. The right size and cutlines to ensure the best fit

✔️ no more bed making gymnastics Magic corners for easy use

✔️ stay on bed guarantee 360 hem

Experience the Difference

Order a free color card and fabric swatch from It-fits Soft Jersey Bedding, and discover first hand why our fitted sheets have generated so much excitement among customers.