Fitted Sheet | The Fitted Sheet: How To Choose The Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheet | The Fitted Sheet: How To Choose The Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheet | The Fitted Sheet: How To Choose The Fitted Sheets

The Fitted Sheet

We have learned that, for a truly restful sleep, it is necessary to have the right choice of bed sheets. But how do you choose a fitted sheet or a doona cover? How is it "managed"? Let us guide you, you will find the answers to your bedsheets questions. To choose the right size of fitted sheet types like the queen fitted sheet you need to start from the mattress size and make sure they match: for example, for a 160x200 cm mattress. you will need a fitted sheet of the same size.

The measurement of the angle, which is equivalent to the height of the bedsheets, is important because measurement ensures that the fitted sheet wraps the mattress in the right way. Considering an average height of 20 cm., The dimension of the queen fitted sheet corners must be about 10 cm. larger than the thickness of the king single fitted sheet mattress: therefore, for a height of 20 cm., choose a fitted sheet with a corner of 30 cm. also because the queen bed sheets once washed, the fabric shrinks slightly: in general, by about 3% for cotton and 7% for linen.

Here Is The Reason Why Our Fitted Sheet Covers Are A Little More Abundant In The Beginning

For optimal washing of the bed sheets in the washing machine, select the average temperature of 40 ° C. Fabrics made from natural fibres can shrink easily. Set a spin that is not too strong so the doona cover fabric does not stress too much during the wash and does not create wrinkles that you will find difficult to remove from your bedsheets! Usually, a 600-800 rpm spin is sufficient, which will remove excess water from the queen fitted sheet and allow quick drying. At this point, all that remains is to move the wrinkles from the king single fitted sheet …but ... with what care can you further facilitate this unpleasant process?

itfits Fitted Sheet Covers Spread Well !! 

Even if bed sheets will take a few more minutes to spread the fitted sheet covers properly, after your work the doona cover will be easier and you won't have to waste any more time removing excess wrinkles. If you can, avoid laying the fitted sheet or the king single fitted sheet in direct sunlight: you will preserve the brilliance of the queen bed sheets’ colours over time and keep the fibres of the fabric soft. Therefore, placing the double bed sheet in the shade for drying will make ironing even easier. 

Do You Have A Dryer? 

Its jet of air will serve not only to accelerate and make drying homogeneous but also to flatten the folds of the king bed sheets. For an optimal final effect, we recommend that you do not leave the fitted sheet covers or the cotton sheets in the drum for a long time.


And here we are ... Now, if you have followed our advice, you will be able to iron your fitted sheet covers or the queen bed sheets quickly and easily. Set your iron to medium heat. If necessary, you can use the steam jet, which will make the double bed sheet fabric flatter and speed up ironing. And if your fitted sheet is too dry, you can spray a little water on the king single bed sheets to moisten the fabric and remove the most hostile creases.


Put your fitted sheet on the ironing board and start ironing the single bed sheet straight across the centre area. Then pass the iron on the first band between corner and corner. Take half an angle and pin it on the tip of the plank, holding the curl with your hand, and smooth the double bed sheet out by spraying the steam. Turn the king single bed sheetscorner and iron the other half part. Do the same thing with all the other corners of the king bed sheets. At this point fold the fitted sheet in half, inserting one corner inside the other, and pass the iron only on one side of the cotton sheets length, flattening it well with your hands. 

In This Way You Will Iron Both Sides With A Single Stroke

Then just fold the fitted sheet covers or the king single bed sheets with corners lengthwise more than once, being careful to turn the edge of the single bed sheet corners inside. Another way to iron the fitted sheet covers to perfection with corners consists in removing the king bed sheets from the drying rack while they are still damp and sprinkling each corner with starch: the fitted sheet covers will remain taut, just like those of a hotel room …



Guide To Buying Fitted Sheet Covers

How To Buy And Choose Fitted Sheet Covers

When buying fitted sheet covers such as the single bed sheet you rightly have doubts about what and how to choose the fitted sheet covers to have the best cotton sheets product for value for money. With this king size bed sheetspurchase guide, we want to show you the way to choose your fitted sheet covers independently, evaluating all aspects.

Guide To Buying Double And Single Fitted Sheet Covers


Many people wonder why, after a long night of sleep, you can wake up already tired. We will never stop reminding you that, for a truly restful sleep, in addition to the right king size bed sheets mattress, it is necessary to carefully choose the most suitable king size sheets. Let yourself be guided by our advice, and you will see!


You need to have clear ideas and make the purchase of the king size fitted sheet appropriate to your needs, given that the proposals in terms of fabrics are different. The fitted sheet covers or the top sheets not only give your home style and personality but represent the "white sheet" of your bed, with which your skin and that of the people you love will be most in contact. The cotton bed sheets, therefore, become essential to give the right weight to the choice of fabrics.

Choice Of Fitted Sheet Covers: Materials

Cotton Fitted Sheet

Among the fabrics for king size bed sheets, cotton fitted sheet covers are certainly the most used. Cotton fitted sheet covers and the king size sheets are a favourite not only because they are natural and pleasant to the touch, but also because the king size fitted sheet covers are easy to wash. Furthermore, cotton top sheets have the great advantage of being rather cheap but still of great quality fabric. The cotton white sheet is a light fabric suitable for any type of season; the feeling on the skin is very comfortable. Cotton bed sheets are composed of 95% cellulose, and this makes the fabric particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin (the fitted bed sheets do not irritate it!) And can absorb liquids well.

Linen Fitted Sheet Covers

To make your bedroom even more refined, linen king size sheets are a delicate and precious fabric like the king size fitted sheet is characterised by a pleasant visual effect, and the top sheets are well defined in the details. If you like to express your taste and your personality also through the care of furnishing accessories, choose the white sheetwithout any doubt. And if you are very sensitive to heat, this is just the thing for you, because the cotton bed sheetsare a breathable and fresh fabric, very pleasant on the skin. In addition, the linen fitted sheet covers are hypoallergenic and antibacterial and do not retain dust or microorganisms!

Satin Fitted Sheet

Ladies and gentlemen… we present to you her majesty the satin fitted bed sheets! Do you want to make your bed special? Thanks to the structure of the king sheets, satin is one of the most popular fabrics for those looking for elegant and precious bed linen. It is also known by the name “Satin”: it is a tightly woven fabric, unlike the jersey sheets, which gives the fitted sheet covers a smooth and uniform, slightly shiny appearance. If a silk king bed sheet set is a mirage or a choice that doesn't convince you, but you still want to remember the sensation of the touch, satin flat sheets are what you need. 

The satin fitted bed sheets are a hypoallergenic fabric suitable for all seasons, which gives you freshness in summer and warmth in winter. These fitted sheet covers, especially the king bed sheet set products are the perfect dress for your bed! Whatever your choice, we wish you… sweet dreams!


Benefits Of Cotton Sheets And Fitted Sheet On The Skin

When you find yourself having to choose the right king sheets fabric for your bedroom and bathrooms, do not hesitate, cotton jersey sheets are the right choice. On the other hand, your skin - and that of your loved ones - is in contact with fitted sheet covers and king bed sheet set options for a long time throughout the day, so it is essential to decide for the best.

But Why Cotton Fitted Sheet types?

Here Are The Main Reasons:

  • The cotton king sheets are a hypoallergenic fibre: the composition of 95% cellulose makes the jersey sheetsfabric particularly suitable for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies or dermatitis (it does not irritate it, the cotton flat sheets are a friend to the skin!)
  • The fitted cotton sheets are hygroscopic, that is, they can absorb the humidity present in the environment;
  • The fitted cotton sheets are breathable: it allows the skin to breathe, leaving it dry and giving it a feeling of well-being and comfort;
  • The jersey quilt cover is light and soft: in any season of the year your skin will thank you if you are living in Australia;
  • The cotton flat sheets are easily washable, rather economical but still resistant, and of great quality.

Not Enough For You? 

Think about the times when you have felt discomfort on your skin, but you have not recognized it: maybe you have used fabrics with aggressive dyes and fibres grown with pesticides, unlike the jersey quilt cover? Our pure cotton, also Bio (or Organic) like the jersey fitted sheet, is 100% safe and preserves your skin.

itfits Linen Fitted Sheet 

Linen Fitted Sheet products offered by itfits are made with the best textiles, to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for those who use the fitted cotton sheets. The mission we always keep in mind is to produce unique, intriguing, and avant-garde collections of the jersey fitted sheet, with particular attention to their naturalness in terms of composition. Among the main fabrics like the jersey quilt cover that you will find in our store in Australia!

The ancient jersey cotton sheets have been used and loved in homes for generations, today, linen is essential for the bedroom, for fitted sheet covers, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Among the main features of the navy doona cover, we mention filtration, resistance to bacteria and transpiration, able to make linen or the jersey cotton quilt cover a real antiallergic, suitable for everyone, from the most to the least sensitive, skin patients, children, and babies!

Not Only

Does the linen jersey fitted sheet have microscopic spaces in its structure, which, when in contact with the skin, have a massaging effect? Because of its luxurious and super soft texture, using linen or jersey cotton sheets in your bedroom is an excellent choice in Australia - you won't want to sleep on anything else.

Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet

Cotton jersey cotton sheets are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals: the cotton material of the navy doona cover is sustainable for the environment and the jersey cotton quilt cover carries with it a social-ethical concept. However, organic cotton is not only a cure-all for our planet, but also for our skin, which, due to unsuitable synthetic fibres, is increasingly prone to allergies. This fabric of the jersey cotton quilt cover does limit irritation to the skin and is much softer than the conventional one. The structure of the jersey cotton quilt cover allows good air circulation between the fibres and avoids the proliferation of bacteria.

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