Fitted Sheet | The Complete Fitted Sheet Sizes Guide

Fitted Sheet | The Complete Fitted Sheet Sizes Guide

Fitted Sheet: Sizes Guide


Fitted sheet is the little guys of the bed sheets bedding world, often getting overshadowed by the bigger-ticket items like bed sheets, pillows and comforters. However, even if you're not a bedding connoisseur, you've probably heard of itfits fitted sheet sets. They're that "sheet" that's literally never talked about, but bed sheets always come with the bed set. 


Thanks to them, your itfits fitted sheet mattress is actually a doona cover mattress set. Here at itfits we believe they deserve a little more love than they get—after all, they're one of the most important things in your bedroom. itfits fitted sheet sets are cut to perfectly fit doona cover mattresses and keep the doona cover protected from dust mites and fluids (such as sweat), no matter how much tossing and turning you do while you sleep. 


In This Way They Take Care Of Your Most Important Piece Of Furniture: Your Mattress!


 fitted sheet sets are often made with these king single sheets fabric blends that resist wrinkling—so you can say goodbye to pulling up the corners of your king single sheets when you make your bed in the morning. And speaking of making your bed, fitted sheet sets make it easy for anyone—kids or adults—to do their part for tidiness by tucking in their blankets and king single sheets


Next Time You're Shopping For Bed Sheets, You Might Want To Know What Fitted Sheet Sizes Are Available


These bedsheets can save you a lot of hassle and that's why we've put together this guide to help you navigate the variety of bedsheets sizes and brands available. fitted sheet sets are designed to tightly hug the bedsheets mattress with a deep pocket, which is an essential part of keeping your bed's contents secure and safe. 


But while the queen fitted sheet do their job well, they're also notorious for being difficult to put on and queen fitted sheet take off—particularly if you need to swap out your bedding often, like if you're a college student or if you're just looking for the easiest way to wash your fitted sheet sets.


But What Exactly Is A Fitted Sheet? 


The queen fitted sheet looks like a regular flat sheet that's been folded onto itself and stitched at the top—this stitching holds the fabric tight around the queen bed sheets mattress, creating a tailored look that is much more attractive than a loose-fitting flat sheet. 


A Regular Flat Sheet Can Be Used As A "Fitted" Sheet As Well, But Only If You're Not In A Hurry:


tucking queen bed sheets under the mattress will result in a satisfactory fit, but it will not be as snug as queen bed sheets would be with a true fitted sheet that has been specially made for this purpose. A fitted sheet is sometimes referred to as "fitted," "deep pocket," or "extra deep pocket." The double bed sheet depth of its pocket (the space between the fitted sheet and the mattress) determines how well it fits over various double bed sheet mattresses: some are


Ah, the humble fitted sheet. How we all wish to know its true nature and what double bed sheet is truly capable of. The fitted sheet is a mystery to some, an object of fear to others, but king single bed sheets are a source of comfort to those who have mastered it and understand its true potential.


But Those Who Have Spent Time Learning About The Fitted Sheet Are In The Know


They are few and far between. They search for no other king single bed sheets bedding; they need no other bedding. But they are not here to persuade you to join their ranks. They know that the ultimate king single bed sheets decision must come from within.



In This Article, You Will Learn:


  • What a fitted sheet 
  • What makes a good fit
  • How different fits affect your sleep
  • The most common mistakes people in Australia make when purchasing fitted sheet sets


Fitted Sheets Are The Traditional Type Of Sheets, And Are The Most Common


The single bed sheet covers the whole mattress and comes in different sizes to fit your mattress. If the fitted sheet doesn't fit your mattress properly, a single bed sheet may not stay on your mattress while you're sleeping. fitted sheet sets should be replaced after a certain amount of time, depending on how often you use the single bed sheet.


Cotton fitted sheet sets are a simple addition to any bed, but the king bed sheets can be confusing to shop for. What's the difference between fitted and flat sheets, and how do the king bed sheets differ from other types of cotton bedding? fitted sheet sets have elastic around all four sides, which makes the king bed sheets more secure on the mattress than flat sheets. Their elasticity is especially useful for people in Australia who have trouble keeping their blankets in place. 


However, not everyone needs fitted bedding, which is why it's good to know the cotton sheets features that make each type unique. Fitted sheet is sold by size, so you'll need to measure your mattress before choosing one. For example, if your queen-size bed cotton sheets measures 60"x80", you'll need a 60"x80" sheet. 


This Measurement Includes Both The Length And Width Of The Fitted Sheet


you'll need more than straight cotton sheets measurement because of how fitted sheet sets' elastic works. Other measurements to look out for are thread count and material king size bed sheets type, but these will vary depending on what kind of bedding you want. 


A higher thread count means smoother fabric that's also more likely to stay in place, while king size bed sheets material composition is usually a matter of personal preference—some people in Australia prefer cotton for its breathability and king size bed sheets softness, while others prefer synthetic blends


The Term "Bed Linen" Is A Broad One, Encompassing Anything Used On Or Around A Bed: 


sheets, pillowcases, blankets and bedspreads. The king size sheets term "fitted sheet," on the other hand, refers to a fitted sheet that's specifically designed for the dimensions of these given king size sheets


Fitted sheet sets will typically come in sets of two or more, with each sheet being slightly smaller than the king size fitted sheet mattress it covers. The king size sheets are typically made from cotton, but sometimes come in blends with polyester or rayon for extra durability and softness.



In Some Ways, Fitted Sheets Are Similar To Flat (Or Unfitted) Sheets


Like flat sheets, the king size fitted sheet options are not elasticized and must be tucked in order to stay put on the mattress (and thus are not meant to be used with duvet covers). Unlike flat sheets, however, fitted sheet sets have elastic sewn along the king size fitted sheet side and sometimes along the bottom as well. 


This elastic helps hold the fitted sheet in place on your top sheets —if you're making your top sheets using fitted sheet, you might notice that each corner has a small hole near the stitching which is where this elastic would go.


Fitted Sheets Vs Flat Sheets


Both white sheet types of bed linen have their advantages and disadvantages—top sheets really just depend on what. The fitted sheet is one of the most basic and important elements in a bedroom ensemble. It's the element that goes underneath the white sheet mattress, and its function is to anchor the bed in place and to protect it from any damage that might be caused by shifting during sleep or by any other white sheet factors. 


But What Exactly Is A Fitted Sheet? & How Does It Differ From Ordinary Sheets? 


The main difference between these two cotton bed sheets types of bed linens lies in the manner in which they are folded and put on the bed. A fitted sheet is stitched together along with the top edge of a mattress, while an ordinary sheet is large enough to cover cotton bed sheets and then some. The latter leaves room for extra fabric beneath the mattress which won't necessarily be useful but the cotton bed sheets will take up space that could be used for something else. 


Ordinary Sheets Essentially Work Like Blankets: 


Even if you don't tuck them under your mattress, there's still plenty of fitted bed sheets material to cover it. Fitted sheet sets have an extra benefit that ordinary ones don't: the fitted bed sheets are specifically designed so that they can be tucked under standard-sized mattresses with no excess fabric left over. With extra room inside your fitted sheet, you'll have more options when fitted bed sheets come to decorating your room with accessories such as pillows and duvet.


Linen And Cotton Are Two Types Of Fabrics Commonly Used In Bedding


If you're in the green bed sheet market for fitted sheet, the differences between linen and cotton sheets can help you decide which green bed sheet type you should buy, depending on your preferences and budget.


Linen Sheets Are Made From Flax Fibers That Are Grown Close Together To Form The Fabric


The green bed sheet sets tend to be more durable than cotton sheets and come in a variety of distinct weaves that give them a unique texture. A high bedsheets online thread count indicates a finer, smoother linen fabric—and also signifies higher quality bedsheets online linens that are more durable.


Cotton sheets are made from the fibres of the cotton bedsheets online plant, either grown organically or conventionally. The jersey sheets offer a soft drape that some people prefer over linen's crisp feel. Cotton fabrics come in these wide jersey sheets range of weaves as well, though their texture is soft and smooth rather than crisp like linen.


Bed jersey sheets vary greatly by material, weave, thread count, colour, and pattern—all factors that affect the king bed sheet set quality and price. If you have sensitive skin or allergies to certain fabrics or dyes, choosing sheet sets made of organic king bed sheet set materials can reduce your exposure to chemicals and allergens. Some people prefer flat sheet designs with no fitted corners; others prefer traditional fitted ones.

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