Fitted Sheet | Review Of Cotton Jersey Fitted Sheet | T-Shirt Sheets

Fitted Sheet | Review Of Cotton Jersey Fitted Sheet | T-Shirt Sheets

Fitted Sheet | Review Of Cotton Jersey Fitted Sheet | T-Shirt Sheets

The T-shirt fitted sheet types I've been using for years are starting to get holey and thin, so it's time to start looking for bed sheets as replacements. Based on some online reviews, the Cotton Jersey fitted sheet and the doona coveroption seems like a good candidate. It's made of 100% cotton and the king single sheets are woven to be breathable like a fitted sheet should be. It's also one of the cheaper bedsheets options out there for fitted sheet covers, which is convenient for someone who knows how hard it is to find replacement fitted sheet covers that fit the way you like.

It Did Not Disappoint In Its Performance! 

The fit of the bed sheets was snug without too much wiggle room, and the softness was reminiscent of my older doona cover, worn out T-shirt fitted sheet (which were also softer than most other fitted sheet options I've found). The fabric is thicker than your typical cotton fitted sheet, but not so thick that king single sheets restrict movement or feel hot. My only complaint is that bedsheets tend to wrinkle up a bit more than some other brands I've tried.

I Received A Free Sample Of This Fitted Sheet In Exchange For My Honest Review 

This fitted sheet is made of 100% cotton jersey fabric and is soft to the touch. The bedsheets material feels durable, but also very light weight. This fitted sheet fits my queen fitted sheet mattress perfectly, and I have never had a problem with it coming off the bed. The king single fitted sheet is also very easy to make the bed with this fitted sheet due to its elastic bands that keep bed sheets on the mattress tight, even without any underneath fitted sheet or blankets. When lying down, I can feel the comfort of the quality materials used to make the doona cover product. I would definitely recommend the king single sheets product to others!

If you love the feeling of cosy fitted sheet type of the queen bed sheets, but want to avoid the hassle of having to buy a whole double bed sheet set (plus the fact that it's just easier to just replace one single bed sheet than an entire set when the king single bed sheets gets dirty) then I suggest buying a fitted sheet. The cotton jersey fitted sheet is a 100% cotton sheet that comes with elastic all around the edges, which makes king bed sheets adjustable and easy to put on your mattress. When you first get your fitted sheet, they may seem a little stiff and uncomfortable. Depending on how often you wash them, the cotton sheets will become softer and more comfortable over time.

This Is By Far My Favourite Kind Of Bedding 

I hate having things in my way while I sleep, so having a fitted sheet like the queen fitted sheet that covers every part of my queen-sized bed the king single fitted sheet just helps me sleep better. I tend to move a lot when I sleep on the queen bed sheets, so having a fitted sheet means that I don't have to adjust the double bed sheet every time I roll over or move in my sleep. The t-shirt fitted sheet covers are also extremely durable and don't tear easily like other kinds of fitted sheet covers do (especially the single bed sheet when you have pets).

The T-Shirt Fitted Sheet And The Double Size Fitted Sheet

The double bed sheet Is a high quality product that I would feel comfortable recommending to friends and family. The unique fabric of the king single fitted sheet is soft, breathable, and surprisingly durable. Unlike another brand of fitted sheet that I have used in the past, the queen bed sheets have not developed any holes or tears despite my tendency to move around in my sleep.

T-shirt fitted sheet options can be used by anyone who wants to sleep on a comfortable bed with king single bed sheets every night. The single bed sheet options are also excellent gifts for newlyweds as well as older adults who have trouble getting up in the morning due to stiff joints or other medical conditions.

In A Professional Tone: 

T-shirt king bed sheets options in Australia like the king single bed sheets are a unique concept that combines the benefits of jersey cotton sheets and cotton fitted sheet options for the cosiest sleep possible. T-shirt fitted sheet covers are a great way to save money and the king size bed sheets make your bed look new again. The fitted sheet is especially helpful if you have children who are rough on your bedding, or if you just want to give your room a makeover without spending too much.

One of the biggest advantages of t-shirt fitted sheet types is that the king bed sheets are inexpensive. As we all know, these new cotton sheets sets type of fitted sheet options can cost anywhere from $40-$200 depending on the material and quality. With the king size bed sheets like the T-shirt fitted sheet, you can get an entire set for much less than that!

T-Shirt Fitted Sheet Are Also Very Comfortable 

The fitted sheet material is the same as the popular T-Shirt material we all love to wear, so king size bed sheets feel nice against our skin. T-Shirt fitted sheet types also help keep us warm in the winter because the king size sheets are thick and soft. The white doona T-Shirt fitted sheet cotton jersey fitted sheet is a high quality fitted sheet that has a softer feel than most cotton fitted sheet options on the itfits market in Australia. 

While it may not be as soft as the white doona cotton fitted sheet from itfits, king size sheets are still noticeably softer than other fitted sheet options that we have tried. The fitted bedsheet queen size fabric is also surprisingly thin and lightweight and the fitted sheet was able to fit across our 14 inch mattress with ease. itfits jersey bed sheets material that feels comfortable against your skin and is great for warmer climates.


I received a white doona fitted sheet (T-Shirt fitted sheet) and was intrigued by their claim that the king size sheetswere like wearing a t-shirt while you sleep. The fitted sheet is made of 100% soft cotton jersey fitted bedsheet queen size, but is not the same as the jersey fabric used in T-shirts. I was curious about this product so I decided to try jersey bed sheets out for an extended period of time to see if navy blue doona cover lived up to its claims. My only complaint with these fitted sheet options is that the jersey cotton quilt cover tends to get wrinkled rather easily. If you're the type who likes to keep your bed looking neat and tidy all of the time, then the jersey doona cover may not be the right sheet for you.

The Fitted Sheet That Was Made Of 100% Cotton Jersey For Softness, Durability, And Easy Care

The fitted bedsheet queen size got advice from a bunch of different people in Australia and ended up creating a fitted sheet that was made of 100% cotton jersey bed sheets for softness, durability, and easy care. The itfits seams are flat so you can put it through the dryer without a navy blue doona cover getting wrinkles. The jersey cotton quilt cover also added elastic around all four corners so the jersey doona cover is easier to put on your mattress and stays in place better. In addition they added extra fabric at the top of the navy pillow cases so when you put your comforter or duvet cover on there's plenty of room above the dusty pink doona cover so your comforter is secured and won't slip off. 

And because it's made of cotton jersey, the navy blue doona cover is extra breathable so you stay cool and comfortable as you sleep. I've been a fan of T-Shirt fitted sheet options for a while now and when I saw that the jersey doona cover types were introducing fitted sheet covers, I was very excited. The fitted sheet and the jersey cotton quilt cover are made from their signature Jersey Cotton fabric and the navy pillow cases also come in 3 different colours: White, Ivory, and Soft Grey. I chose the Soft Grey colour and the dusty pink doona cover for my review because it's a nice neutral grey that would work with any decor.

The Fitted Sheet Covers Are Made With A Deep Pocket That Fits Most Mattress Sizes

If your navy pillow cases are deeper than average, you'll want to check out their standard dusty pink doona cover size fitted sheet instead. The fitted sheet is 66" long and fits widths up to 16". Coming in at $46.00, these fitted sheet options aren't cheap but the fitted sheets australia are well made and will last for years to come. The charcoal pillow cases are well worth the money in my opinion! The T-Shirt fitted sheet is not the best fit for my mattress. I bought a queen fitted sheet sized (60” x 80”) mattress and when I went to put on the fitted sheet, it was too small! 

The Fitted Sheet Materials

The corners of the fitted sheets australia were so tight that as soon as I pulled the sheet over one corner of my mattress, charcoal pillow cases tore. was also made of a thin material. The pillowcases were fine, but they didn't entirely fit my pillows either. t shirt sheets and the fitted sheet covers are popular because they are easy to make and inexpensive. The fabric is thin and soft like t-shirt material, which makes the jersey bedding affordable and comfortable. There are many jersey fitted sheet king tutorials on making your own T-Shirt fitted sheet online for those who have time to spare.

For those of us who love a well-made bed, T-Shirt fitted sheet covers are the perfect new laundry supply. The jersey sheets single covers Available exclusively on itfits website, you get two fitted sheet options for one low price. The t shirt sheets are made from 100% cotton and fit mattresses up to 18 inches thick, so that even if you have a thicker jersey bedding mattress (like I do) you're still in luck. The fitted sheet options like the jersey fitted sheet king covers are available in any colour you could need and don't shrink when washed.


They Seemed Thin And Flimsy

but the fitted sheets australia were also soft and smooth, which was an unexpected surprise when paired with the cheap price. Many reviewers complained about the thinness of the fitted sheet before using them for the first time, but after washing the charcoal pillow cases for the first time myself, I found that the t shirt sheets or the normal fitted sheet stayed surprisingly soft and fit my mattress perfectly once jersey bedding had been on there for a few days. I'm happy to say that I love these fitted sheet covers! If you're looking to add some variety to your bedding situation while saving some money (you get two full sets in jersey fitted sheet king purchase!)T-shirt fitted sheet options like the jersey sheets single are an inexpensive way to do it!

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