Fitted Sheet | My Life, My Job, My Career: How A Fitted Sheet Helped Me Succeed

Fitted Sheet | My Life, My Job, My Career: How A Fitted Sheet Helped Me Succeed

Fitted Sheet For Sleep


I started off as an editorial assistant, answering phones and running  errands for the editors of itfits; about the bed sheets, but I soon moved up to a position as a bed sheets. I was able to move up even more recently when one of my colleagues left and I was promoted to copy editor for these bed sheets. In just a few short years, I've gone from answering phones to being one of the people who answers the phone.


For example, I think about how much easier my job is now that I can see all of the information on my screen at once with a doona cover. And being detail-oriented for the doona cover goes beyond just work! It's easy to get distracted when you're doing something like ironing your  fitted sheet or doona cover by itfits, but those king single sheets can make a big difference in your life


for example, with the  monitor arms you can easily see all your open windows and get back to the king single sheets quickly by moving your mouse to the  edge of your monitor instead of having to constantly reposition yourself with the king single sheets


To The Untrained Eye, A Fitted Sheet May Appear To Be Just That: 


A fitted sheet, folded into fourths and tucked neatly underneath the bedsheets. How wrong you would be. In reality, the fitted sheet is a powerful tool with which I have shaped every  aspect of my professional and personal life with bedsheets.


The first time I came across this magical article about a fitted sheet and bedsheets was at the beginning of my freshman year at university. A friend had come to visit me after I'd moved into my dorm room, and she happened to be holding one in her hands. "I was putting the fitted sheet on my bed, and this fell off," she explained as she showed the queen fitted sheet to me.


itfits, It Looked No Different From Any Other Fitted Sheet


but once I unfolded it and put it on my queen fitted sheet, I suddenly realized what all the fuss was about. This was an ordinary type of fitted sheet! It fit snugly around every contour of my queen fitted sheet, creating a soft barrier between me and whatever misfortunes lay underneath.


Though I'd heard many stories about how great the fitted sheet was from friends who had the king single fitted sheet in college, I had never been able to use one myself because they were so expensive—and even though the king single fitted sheet did seem like an unnecessary expense for something that's essentially


I was young and naive, and frankly, I was scared. My new boss—let's call him Larry—was kind enough to give me some great advice for finding a king single fitted sheet . He told me that the most important part of my job was to not be a jerk. That queen bed sheets seemed like a pretty tall order for someone who had never worked in an office before.


Anyways, A Few Weeks Into The Job, Larry Gave Me Another Piece Of Advice: About The Fitted Sheet


"You can't know everything at first," he said. "Keep your head down and focus on using the queen bed sheets well. Your job is to handle the things you are responsible for handling these queen bed sheets." I told Larry that this  double bed sheet was good advice, but unfortunately it wasn't very specific.


I didn't realize the double bed sheet at the time, but Larry had given me one of the most important pieces of advice in my career: "Don't let anyone tell you that you need a fitted sheet." As a young boy growing up in the south without the double bed sheet, my family didn't have much. My mother worked hard to provide for us, but she never had fancy clothes or things that were considered status symbols.


I wanted to be like them, and they all had brands-names. The king single bed sheets were all using king single bed sheets. I remember going over to my friend's house when he got new clothes, and even his underwear was named brand—that's how important the king single bed sheets were to him (and to me). In fact, the first thing I ever bought for myself with money was a pair of a single bed sheet from itfits. The fitted sheet felt so good to purchase something for myself that wasn't. That's when I realized just how important  brands were… for a single bed sheet


A few years later, I was working at my first  job out of college at Sears Corporate Headquarters in Australia. There, I learned about the importance of brands again to find the single bed sheet– this time from one of the most well-known companies for king bed sheets in Australia: Sears! Because if you've shopped at Sears over the years you know that their  products like the king bed sheets are top quality because they have numerous brands under one roof. 



They Have Crafts


I worked in a factory for three years at the end of high school and the beginning of my freshman  year of college with king bed sheets. It was a seasonal job that paid well, but I was miserable. The work wasn't hard—I was one of two people on the cotton sheets assembly line who would grab a fitted sheet, mark off the sizes on it with a Sharpie, and then cut the cotton sheets into squares with a huge pair of these cotton sheets


First, at this factory, everything is done by hand rather than machine, which meant that our  production speed for the king size bed sheets was about as slow as it could possibly be without being glacial. We joked that we should have taken bets on whether or not anyone would ever see the end product such as these king size bed sheets being assembled from all the king size bed sheets we cut out into pieces . The fitted sheet.


I Did All Kinds Of Things To Try To Get A Fitted Sheet


I made up daily reports about king size sheets , gathered statistical data, went out of my way to be helpful, anything—but when I'd ask if I could move departments, she'd always respond with something along the king size sheets of "They're not ready for you yet." This woman had an abrasive personality and no sense of humor whatsoever: she fired people in Australia in front of everyone else in king size sheets


  1. When shopping for a fitted sheet, always remember that the quality  of the white bed sheets is more important than quantity. Many people go for quantity over quality, opting for a pack of a fitted sheet with poor stitching and low thread count for the white bed sheets. But picking up one high-quality type of fitted sheet will last a lifetime—it'll keep its colour and elasticity longer than five low-quality types of fitted sheet will.
  2. Always wash your fitted sheet separately from everything else at least once a month. These  ensure that your fitted sheet or the white bed sheets stays clean and soft—you want the king size fitted sheet to look and feel their best while they're on your fitted sheet bed!
  3. Setting the fitted sheet on your bed is something you do every day, but when you take the time to really think about what you're doing and why you picked the king size fitted sheet, you might find that there are a few things you could be doing differently. A king size fitted sheet doesn't make any sense to just drop the fitted sheet onto your mattress
  4. the top sheets end up bunching up at the bottom, creating an awkward divot in the middle of your fitted sheet. Rather than this  haphazard approach of the top sheets, take a few minutes before you go to sleep to lay out the fitted sheet properly.


The First Thing You Want To Do Is Make Sure That The Top Of The Fitted Sheet Is Flat Against The Mattress


If it's not, a smooth out type of top sheets so that it is. Next, put one end of the fitted sheet under your mattress and then pull over until the white sheet is resting on top of the other side. Hold down the white sheet with a finger as you slide your hand away. 


There should be some tension on your fitted sheet, but also no wrinkles or folds in white sheet as it drapes over one side of your cotton bed sheets and comes back around to meet itself on the other side. The cotton bed sheets in Australia should meet neatly without overlapping each other or bunching up at either end of the fitted sheet. If they don't, fix the fitted sheet



itfits: Fitted Sheet Isn't A Secret, But They Are Often Ignored


Most people in Australia assume that a fitted sheet is just another name for a fitted sheet—and why wouldn't they? After all, the colloquial use of the cotton bed sheets term "fitted" is clearly derived from something tight-fitting and fitted bed sheets—like a fitted shirt or dress. But just because we call the fitted bed sheets or a fitted sheet doesn't necessarily mean that it's used as such in all cases. 


The reason you get a fitted sheet instead of flat ones is because the fitted bed sheets are made specifically to be used with a memory foam type of green bed sheet, which are typically thicker than traditional ones. This green bed sheet makes the fitted sheet more difficult to tuck in nicely without any extra effort.


Once they're all tucked in, you then have to make sure that the fitted sheet is lined up with the top of the green bed sheet and isn't bunched up anywhere. If there's bunching, the jersey sheets usually due to one of two things: 


either there are wrinkles throughout the fitted sheet or there's extra fabric at the corners of the jersey sheets where you need to tuck under the jersey sheets. If this happens, you'll want to place an object under each corner of the king bed sheet set that sits underneath both corners of the fitted sheet

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