Fitted Sheet | My First Experience With A Fitted Sheet Set

Fitted Sheet | My First Experience With A Fitted Sheet Set

I used to have enough fitted sheets australia mattress options for a flat sheet, but that is no longer the case. I've got a queen-sized bed and I'm not about to go buy a new fitted sheets australia mattress because the fitted sheet covers don't fit. That's why I was so excited when my friend told me about fitted sheet sets! 

We'd been shopping together at Target, and we'd talked about her favourite fitted sheets australia type of fitted sheet covers, which are fitted sheet sets. She said they were much easier to put on and take care of than regular fitted sheet covers. She was right.

Fitted Sheet Sets Consist Of Two Pieces: 

One dusty pink doona cover piece that goes across the bed on the top and one piece that goes around the bottom of the mattress on one side (I believe it's called a "skirt" or something similar). When you're making your bed, all you need to do is take these two pieces and put the dusty pink doona cover on your mattress. Done! It's easy as pie! And there are also usually extra pieces that come with it so you can make other dusty pink doona cover things like comforters fit perfectly in your coverlet or duvet cover! 

You may be very happy with fitted sheet sets like the bedsheet shop if you're like me and don't have time for much else in your life besides work, school, family, and friends. I've been sleeping on fitted sheet covers since I was a kid, so it never occurred to me that there were other bedsheet shop options. During college, however, I had the chance to stay in a friend's apartment for a few weeks and sleep on her fitted sheet set. 

The first night I slept in one of her bedsheet shop places, I was shocked by how much more comfortable it was than any other bed I'd ever slept in. The fitted sheet hugged my navy pillow cases mattress tight and kept it from shifting or bunching together—I woke up rested and without having to adjust my covers or fluff the navy pillow cases for pillows. After that, my feelings about fitted sheet covers changed. 

Types Of Fitted Sheet

The navy pillow cases weren't until recently, while shopping for new bedding, that I realised there are at least three different kinds of fitted sheet covers to choose from: flat sheet/fitted sheet sets; regular sheet/fitted sheet sets; and all fitted sheet sets. My old college friend had used an all-fitted sheet set like the jersey doona cover; she had two fitted sheet covers—one for each side of the bed—and a flat sheet to go over them both. She told me that many people in Australia use an all-fitted set because it gives the most security against shifting and the jersey doona cover keeps the duvet cover from falling off the corners of the mattress.

Each Kind Has

I was about to move into my first apartment, and I was nervous about how much work I would need to do before I could move in. I had a budget for the jersey doona cover, but unexpected expenses always come up. I looked forward to the day when I could relax and breathe easy in my new home, but that came only after a difficult ordeal during which I tried two different jersey cotton quilt cover sets of fitted sheet covers from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I've Always Been A Sheet Snob

I always thought that fitted sheet covers were just fitted sheet covers; the jersey cotton quilt covers are all the same, right? Wrong! My husband and I have finally upgraded our bedding to something we can both agree on, and I have to say, it's totally worth it. We used to have a set of tan flannel jersey cotton quilt cover types of fitted sheet covers that were adequate but nothing special. 

The navy blue doona cover was the kind that you'd have to either rotate regularly or turn down on the corners to get the wrinkles out. Now, with our red / navy blue doona cover type of fitted sheet set, we don't even have to do that. They slip on so easily, they don't wrinkle, and the navy blue doona cover options are just soft enough to be comfortable but not so soft as to make you feel like you're sleeping on a marshmallow (unless you want to).

jersey sheets itfits

I'm Sold On Fitted Sheet Covers From Now On

And if you haven't tried them yet, do yourself a favour and get yourself jersey bed sheets set for Christmas! Some people in Australia have a love-hate relationship with fitted sheet covers. The ones who dislike the jersey bed sheetsusually have the following complaints:

  • The jersey bed sheets are difficult to put on the mattress and keep in place
  • The white doona are hard to wash and dry because they're so small
  • The white doona tend to be scratchy and uncomfortable

When You Have A Full And Proper Fitted Sheet On Your Bed, It Does Everything For You:

  • It keeps your mattress clean. Your white doona mattress is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your home, so why not protect it? If you use a flat sheet or fitted sheets online blankets instead of a fitted sheet, you run the risk of making stains on your mattress that can be difficult and expensive to remove. Using a fitted sheet can save you hundreds of dollars in this regard.
  • The fitted sheets online options keeps your fitted sheet covers in place. If you've ever woken up with fitted sheet covers that were barely on your fitted sheets online bed, you know how aggravating this can be. fitted sheet covers keep your fitted sheet covers taut, as they should be.
  • The fitted bedsheet queen size provides extra warmth and comfort. A fitted sheet hugs your mattress like a glove, which makes it warmer than other fitted bedsheet queen size bedding materials like fitted sheet covers or blankets. fitted sheet covers can also help keep your pillows in place at night.

My first experience with a fitted sheet set like the fitted bedsheet queen size sets was on the day my husband and I moved into our new apartment. We were moving from a studio apartment where we'd had to make do with a queen comforter. 

So I was excited to finally be able to buy our own sheet set, as well as to see how the green fitted sheet compared to the comforter in terms of comfort. I'd read online that fitted sheet covers are typically thought to be more comfortable because they don't bunch up under you like fitted sheet designs or the green fitted sheet covers can—you can't beat a good night's sleep!

Fitted Sheet Covers Are Basically What They Sound Like: 

The navy doona cover options are fitted sheet covers that have elastic around the edges. The elastic makes the green fitted sheet stay in place instead of twisting around or curling up at the corners. It also helps keep the fitted sheet from sliding off the bed navy doona cover at night, which happens all too often when you're sleeping on fitted sheet covers. 

This navy doona cover is especially important for people in Australia who tend to toss and turn throughout the night, or for those who share their bed with someone else and want to stay put even if their partner moves around. fitted sheet covers come in different jersey cotton sheets sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, with flat sheet sizes varying between them. When buying fitted sheet covers, be sure to get jersey cotton sheets that are appropriate.

One of my biggest frustrations with jersey cotton sheets bedding has always been the fact that, even after you buy a comforter and a duvet cover, there's still one thing that remains difficult to match: the fitted sheet covers. More specifically, the fitted sheet. The jersey sheets australia are always available in intimidating and overwhelming sets (often with more pillowcases than I need) and they're usually only available in a small range of jersey sheets australiacolours, if at all.

Australian Cotton jersey sheets itfits

I've Always Wanted Something Different—And Thanks To A Tip From itfits, I've Now Found It

Not only can you find a fitted sheet set that fits your unique style, but you can also customise the jersey sheets australia to fit your bed perfectly! Fitted sheet sets are available for sale on places like Etsy and Zazzle , as well as through various online itfits. The best part is that, unlike many jersey fitted sheet products you might find on these sites, you won't have to worry about whether or not it will actually fit your itfits mattress; you can do all the measuring yourself online based on your specifications before you buy.

Even better, when you buy from an independent seller, you'll be able to choose between an array of jersey fitted sheetcolours that are perfect for decorating your bedroom. Some sellers even offer jersey fitted sheet patterns , which I think would

The First Time I Saw A Fitted Sheet, I Didn't Even Know What It Was

It was a few years ago, and I was looking through my friend's apartment, picking out jersey quilt cover bedding to decorate my own place. She had a queen-sized bed with a fitted sheet on it. It took me several minutes to figure out that the jersey quilt cover wasn't just an extra flat sheet folded with the corners tucked in. 

It fit her mattress perfectly, so there were no wrinkles or lumps or bumps, and the fitted sheet covers stayed on at night. They looked so clean and crisp that I had to ask her about the jersey quilt cover, and she introduced me to the magic of fitted sheet covers.

I Still Didn't Really Get It Until I Started Shopping Around For My Own Set

My first choice was a plain white fitted cotton sheets set from Target for about $30. The fitted cotton sheets were nice enough, but not as crisp as what my friend had given me as an example of how great they could be. Then I saw that itfits fitted cotton sheets had a set that looked almost identical for less than half the price at $15. Finally, I found a set from Kohl's that would give my room the most colour while still costing me less than $25. 


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