Fitted Sheet | How To Put A Fitted Sheet On Your Bed Without Going Insane

Fitted Sheet | How To Put A Fitted Sheet On Your Bed Without Going Insane

Fitted Sheet | How To Put A Fitted Sheet On Your Bed Without Going Insane

I remember my first experience with a fitted sheet. I was in college at the time, living in a rented bedsheets room. When I moved in, I had only the twin-size bed sheets mattress, and that's what they gave me. After years of sleeping on a twin fitted sheet, I decided it was time to upgrade to the queen doona cover and bought myself a mattress. I also bought a new fitted sheet cover and went to the store to have the king single sheets match my new bed size.

All I had was the mattress and the box spring—no frame, no headboard—so I spread out the fitted sheet and pulled it across the top of the mattress. It slid right up to the doona cover edges but wouldn't go any further. The salesman told me to tuck the queen fitted sheet under the mattress until it couldn't go any farther. But how? It wasn't long enough to go either under or over; king single fitted sheet options simply weren't long enough for this particular bed—queen bed sheets options didn't even reach half.

Do You Remember The Last Time You Put A Fitted Sheet On A Bed? 

If you're like most people in Australia, the memory is hazy at best, due to the pain it caused you. You've probably already given up and accepted that life is too short of the king single sheets for such things. If so, let us show you how to do a queen fitted sheet without going insane!

If you follow the instructions on the itfits packaging of your fitted sheet, you might believe that putting the queen bed sheets on your bed is as simple as unrolling the bed sheets, sliding them into the corners, and smoothing the bedsheets out. However, it's possible that no matter how hard you try to follow those instructions, you will still find yourself with a fitted sheet that doesn't fit. The king single fitted sheet most common fit issue with a fitted sheet is that it will grip too tightly in the middle. If this happens to you, don't be tempted to give a double bed sheet up. 

Here Are Some Tips To Help Get The Fit Right:

  • If your fitted sheet type of bedsheets is too narrow but has excess fabric at the top and bottom, start from one of the bottom corners. Place your hand underneath the doona cover corner of the fabric at one end of your mattress and pull upward toward the centre of your bed until it overlaps with the other side. Repeat this queen bed sheetsprocess until all four corners of bed sheets are overlapped in this manner.
  • If your fitted sheet is too narrow in addition to being too long, first make sure that it's not twisted. Then start from one queen fitted sheet of the bottom corners. Starting at one end or side of your bed, pull up slowly until you reach an area where there are wrinkles or king single fitted sheet folds in excess fabric.

The Itfits Fitted Sheet Is The Unsung Hero Of The Bed

The double bed sheet is the fitted sheet that holds all your other fitted sheet products in place, preventing the king single bed sheets from falling off and creating an unkempt and uncomfortable mess. It is arguably the most essential part of your single bed sheet bedding set, which makes it especially frustrating when you have trouble getting it on right. The fitted sheet's functions are numerous, but its struggles are many, too.

Fitted sheet options are designed to fit like a glove around your mattress or mattress set, but they never seem to go on exactly as you want the king bed sheets to. The king single sheets often bunch up and fight back against your efforts to get the king bed sheets tucked in securely, and once you finally get them on, you discover that one side is higher than the other—or worse, one corner isn't even close to meeting up with anything.

While there are plenty of articles written about how to put a fitted sheet on a mattress (and we've included some of our favourite links at the end), the majority of the double bed sheet articles focus on the best ways to tuck in the king single bed sheets bottom corners—the last thing that actually goes on the bed. We wanted to focus instead on those single bed sheet first few moments: how can you get everything else right before you even attempt that corner?

Never Fear:

There's nothing quite as frustrating as trying to wrangle a fitted sheet onto a mattress. Thanks to the single bed sheettight fit, they're prone to bunching, slipping and getting stuck, making king bed sheets almost impossible to get on correctly. If you've ever been frustrated by your fitted sheet, we have some tips that might help you on your next cotton sheets.

It's A Common Occurrence: 

you go to make the bed and discover that the fitted sheet has come partially unstuck from the cotton sheets. You try to start at one end, but king single bed sheets don't want to stay in king bed sheets place. If you start at the other end, it pulls off completely and you have to start all over. Frustrated, you give up and put on an old t-shirt with holes in it instead.

This Is A Problem That Can Be Easily Avoided By Following These 5 Steps:

  • First, straighten out one end of the fitted sheet so that king size bed sheets are hanging evenly off of the bed.
  • Next, fold over the top corner about 5 inches and tuck cotton sheets under itself (like a hospital blanket).
  • Then grasp the king size sheets bottom corner as close to where you tucked in as possible and pull the king size fitted sheet smoothly towards yourself (Fold + Tuck + Pull itfits fitted sheet = FTP).
  • If your white sheet pull wasn't consistent all the way across, use your hand to smooth out any folds or creases that may have appeared.
  • Next, take one side of the fitted sheet and fold top sheets over towards yourself. This time, I like to keep my hand on top of the folded edge of the cotton bed sheets while I press down firmly with my other hand.


A Fitted Sheet Is One Of The Most Essential Items In Your Home

You can't live without king size bed sheets. It's the bottom, or base, to your mattress and it helps keep your king size fitted sheet mattress in place and clean. The problem is that fitted sheet options are a pain to deal with, so much so that a lot of people in Australia don't bother! Either they skip king size sheets altogether, or they fight it the whole way—which is precisely why we're here to help you avoid that unpleasantness.

The trick is to fold the fitted sheet in half lengthwise and then slide king size bed sheets on from the foot of the bed. Then you'll want to stretch out the length of the fitted sheet as much as possible before tucking it under your mattress. Your headboard will give you a couple inches of wiggle room for moving around and this king size fitted sheet will finish off your bed nicely!

Now You Know How To Put A Fitted Sheet On Your Bed Without Going Insane!

Fitted Sheet Options Are Tricky 

They seem simple, but top sheets can get frustrating real quick if you don't know what you're doing. And who wants to go insane? Nobody. As we've mentioned in our white sheet guide to making your bed easier, the fitted sheet is the most important part of making a bed because that's how you keep your blankets in place. But it takes practice to get white sheet done right.

I am not sure when I first bought my fitted sheet, but it was a long time ago. cotton bed sheets are the same colour as my comforter, and I know that their cotton bed sheets fabric content is 100% cotton. This may not seem like important information, but it is. Fitted sheet options require a technique all their own to get them onto the mattress.

If you were to ask me how many times I have put on a fitted sheet or the fitted bed sheets in my life, there's no way to really know. However, I can definitively tell you that I have never put top sheets on without getting at least slightly irritated by the process. The problem? The corners.

What Is The Right Way To Put A Fitted Sheet?

I've been doing these fitted bed sheets since I was a kid, so it's second nature to me now. But as I've helped friends and family members over the years, I've come to realise that there is a right way and a wrong way to do the green bed sheet. The wrong way is what most people in Australia do—they try to put the fitted sheet on from the top of the bed. These bedsheets online may seem counter-intuitive, but it's just plain easier. 

The corners of the fitted sheet are folded under and tucked in at the top of the mattress. jersey sheets are much easier to tuck in before you put bedsheets online on the bed. Fitted bed sheets also put less stress on your arms when you're lifting and holding up one side of the fitted sheet, which can be more difficult because fitted sheet options are so much longer than regular fitted sheet options.


When You Think About How Fitted Sheet Options Work, It Makes Sense That Putting The Green Bed Sheet On From The Bottom Up Is Easier: 

instead of trying to feed one long piece of fabric through all of those corners, you're feeding it into each corner of the jersey sheets while they're still flat on the floor. Once you have each king bed sheet set corner tucked in on the floor, you can pick up one end of the fitted sheet (where all your hard work is) and lift king bed sheet set up to place over your mattress without

I have always felt like the most difficult part of making my bed is the fitted sheet. The corners are so small, and the way they fit makes bedsheets online seem like it is a puzzle. I don't know where to start, and I always get frustrated. The simple answer is to start with one green bed sheet corner and work your way around counter-clockwise, tucking in each side of the  jersey sheets as you go. Once you've made it all the way around, pull on one of the sides and the king bed sheet set will tighten up the entire fitted sheet.

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