Fitted Sheet | The Fitted Sheet That Changed My Life Is From Itfits

Fitted Sheet | The Fitted Sheet That Changed My Life Is From Itfits

Fitted Sheet: How I Used To Hate Making My Bed Before Using It

I have a confession to make. I used to hate making my bed until I found this fitted sheet. I've always made my bedsheet shop, but before using a fitted sheet, I would simply use an old sheet and tuck it into the flat sheets. When I finally got around to buying a fitted sheet, I was surprised at how much more comfortable it was than just using a white doona.

Since then, I've become obsessed with finding the fitted sheet for my needs. Here's what led me down that path and how I discovered what works best for me: I spent years loving my bedsheet shop. I was always so tired of sleeping in a mess, so I would sleep on top of the covers. But every time I did this, my sheets would bunch up and get all wrinkled and gross looking. It wasn't until I started using a fitted sheet that it finally worked for me!

I have tried many different types of Fitted Sheet over the years, but nothing has worked like this one has. It's not only the perfect fit for me, but it also prevents my jersey bedding from bunching up like it did before! I used to hate making my bed. I would lie in bed for hours, staring at the ceiling and wishing it was morning already. I hated waking up too early and finding that I had to get up and make my jersey sheets single.

Thinking About Fitted Sheet: Make Your Bed Can't Get Any Easier

But don’t underestimate how much of a difference it can make in your quality of life. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you’ve made your flat sheets, even if you never did it before! I had been using the same doona cover for years, which was starting to bunch up on the bottom edge of my fitted sheet in Australia. They weren’t comfortable or supportive enough for me anymore, so I decided it was time for an upgrade of the jersey bedding.

I looked at all the different types of Fitted Sheet available in Australia, but there was something about them that didn’t seem right — at least not for me. The white doona that looked good in pictures never felt as comfortable as those from memory or experience. After reading a few negative reviews about long single sheets, I decided to give another brand a try — one that I liked better than fitted sheet in Perth

I don't know about you, but I used to hate making my bed. The thought of folding the sheets and putting the fitted sheet in a neat pile was enough to make me want to scream. My cotton sheets were always a disaster zone, with flat sheets that were always rolling off the corners, or trying to find the way into the middle of my king size jersey fitted sheet in Sydney


My Life Has Changed Since I Started Using Fitted Sheet

And then there was the matter of making sure they were smooth — no matter how hard I tried, they'd end up with wrinkles at the top and bottom of long single sheets. It didn't matter that I had a fitted sheet in Melbourne— every single time my husband came home from work and saw my messed up jersey sheets single, he'd get mad and yell at me for not doing something more important than making my doona cover (like cleaning).

It wasn't until I got Fitted Sheet that everything changed. After trying many different types of Fitted Sheet on itfits (and having none of the jersey bedding work), I finally found one that worked for me: the Fitted Sheet by itfits ($20+). It's made from bed sheets, so it's breathable and comfortable against your fitted sheet — perfect for those long nights lying in bed reading your favourite book! king size jersey fitted sheet to fit comfortably around your body without bunching up or buying a fitted sheet.

I used to hate making my bed sheets. I used to dread getting up early in the morning to make my doona cover because I knew it would be a hassle. The fitted sheet was always the last thing I sat down to do and then immediately got up to do something else.

Why I Think Everyone Should Use Fitted Sheet

I always felt like it wasn't worth the effort, so I left it for last until one day, my husband told me that he loved having to fold a Fitted Sheet every morning. We were both frustrated with this process, so we decided to find an alternative to a king size jersey fitted sheet. We started looking at different types of Fitted Sheet from itfits, but they all looked pretty much the same — they were just big squares that didn't fit our white doona well at all. They would bunch up under our flat sheets and get bunched up on top of the fitted sheet as well — which made everything look messy and unappealing in the bedsheet shop!

The problem with a Fitted Sheet by itfits is that they don't have any elastic around the long single sheets — which means there isn't enough give for your fitted sheet to stay in place without bunching up all over again! I used to hate making my cotton sheets. The process of taking off my pants, unbuttoning my jersey sheets single, and then getting in bed would take forever. And if I didn’t have a fitted sheet on my mattress, the sheets would bunch up and I wouldn’t feel comfortable lying down at all.

My experience with the fitted sheet is similar to many people’s experiences with white doona — they can be extremely uncomfortable and take forever to get right with jersey bedding. But luckily, there’s an easier way! The Fitted Sheet That Changed My Life Is From Itfits I used to hate making my jersey sheets single. I would roll over in the morning and see that the king size jersey fitted sheet was all bunched up on one side of the bed, and it took me forever to get them straightened out.


Fitted Sheet: Where To Buy The Perfect Sheet

I've been using a fitted sheet for about 6 years now, and I have never looked back at a bedsheet shop. The first time I used a fitted sheet was at college when someone told me about their roommate who always slept on her side of the white doona because she couldn't stand the feeling of bunching up her bed sheets. When I moved out on my own, I decided to buy cotton sheets for myself because my long single sheets weren't making me happy anymore. Since then, I've learned how much better they make you sleep!

I've been using a fitted sheet for years, and I'll never go back to flat sheets again. It's not just that the fitted sheet is better for your sleep — it's also more comfortable, more breathable, and easier to clean. It keeps your doona cover from bunching up while you're sleeping, which means they last longer and are less likely to get wrinkled.

I'm not alone in this opinion; there's a huge number of people who swear by having a fitted sheet over bed sheets. So if you haven't started using jersey bedding, here's why it's worth it: They're more comfortable: When you're sleeping, your body weight rests on top of the cotton sheets — including your bedsheet shop — so there's no need for extra padding or fluffing up the comforter every night. But when you fit a doona cover over a jersey sheets single or fitted sheet, there's still plenty of room underneath for lots of air circulation and heat retention. 

That can lead to hot spots on your side or back where the bed sheets rub against them all night long while you toss and turn trying to get comfortable with a king size jersey fitted sheet. A fitted sheet solves this problem by keeping those areas tight against the fitted sheet and long single sheets. I was never a fan of making my cotton sheets. I would get up, walk to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and then walk back to bed to go back to sleep. It felt like such an unnecessary process and it wasn’t until I bought a fitted sheet that changed everything for me.

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