Fitted Sheet | Sick And Tired Of Using A Fitted Sheet The Old Way? Read This

Fitted Sheet | Sick And Tired Of Using A Fitted Sheet The Old Way? Read This

Fitted Sheet | Sick And Tired Of Using A Fitted Sheet The Old Way? Read This


You're sick of using a fitted sheet the old way, or bed sheets? You've had enough of pulling and tugging at the corners to try to get the bed sheets to stay in place. You've spent more time than you'd like to admit trying to get the elastic band around your bed sheets. You can't stand the thought of having to do it all again when you change your fitted sheet by itfits.


"Okay," You Say, "But What Is It That I'm Supposed To Be Doing Instead?"


You know what? It's time for an upgrade. It's time for a doona cover. It's time for a hassle-free, easy-to-use, second-nature way of getting your fitted sheet from itfits on your doona cover. What you need is a fitted sheet!


A doona cover and a fitted sheet are an essential part of the bedding ensemble that we use every night. It’s easy to take the fitted sheet and king single sheets assume they’ll always be there when we need them. However, just like any other accessory in your home, you’re going to want to change the king single sheets out every once in a while.


Just as it is with any other item of furniture, fitted sheet have been made better over time. The king single sheets have become more durable and easier to use than they used to be. You can expect the same level of quality from all the bedsheets from some brands that are available on the market today in Australia, including the fitted sheet by itfits like bedsheets. Relax and check out some of the fitted sheet at itfits!


When Most Of Us Think Of Fitted Sheet


These bedsheets are in the context of washing our bedding and putting the fitted sheet on while we're still warm and wrapped in our blankets. That's all fine and dandy, but if you're anything like me, a queen fitted sheet happens to be a real pain. Whether you have to wrestle it into place, try to make it stay put with only one or two hands, or wrestle with a queen fitted sheet again when you come back to pulling up the blanket at night, that fitted sheet can be a real pain.


The Secret Is Out—There Is A Better Way


Using the queen fitted sheet, you'll be able to get your fitted sheet on in no time and have it stay there all night long. Shape your fitted sheet from itfits like a burrito before putting a king single fitted sheet on so that when you slide it under the mattress and over the corners, there's no need for struggling to wrangle the king single fitted sheet into place. Once you've got one corner tucked under the mattress, take the other three corners in hand and pull the king single fitted sheet up over the top of the mattress so that they meet up with the first corner. 


Just keep folding the queen bed sheets you have what looks like a burrito with four flaps sticking out the queen bed sheets—those are your corners! Now just. We've all been there: you're exhausted, you just got into bed, and now you have to pull off that top fitted sheet so you can put your queen bed sheets.


 It's such a hassle: you end up with the corners of the fitted sheet and double bed sheet sticking out from underneath the mattress, the elastic band gives you a mild rash on your double bed sheet, and you have to struggle to get it off.


When We Had This Problem In Australia, We Started Looking For An Alternative


We tried putting the double bed sheet on first, but then we'd end up with a pile of extra blankets bunched up at the foot of the king single bed sheets. Once we discovered this revolutionary new method, we never looked back. So read on and share our discovery with everyone who's been suffering from this king single bed sheets!


In a professional tone: It's time to rethink how you use a fitted sheet. Sure, they can be used in the traditional way—just slip one on your king single bed sheets and you're good to go. But here at Snuggy, we've found that there are plenty of other ways to get the most out of this single bed sheet handy item.




Having A Fitted Sheet On Your Mattress Is Great For Keeping You And Your Bed Clean


But a single bed sheet can also be downright annoying when you're changing your fitted sheet sets. When it's time to wash them, a single bed sheet can feel like a hassle to try and fit the whole thing back on the mattress. The flat type of a fitted sheet, and the king bed sheets comforter usually stay put pretty easily, but that fitted sheet seems to want to get away from you every time. 


It Takes A Lot Of Effort And Some Creative Folding To Tame The Beast


But why do things the hard way? You could just sleep on top of your fitted sheet instead of underneath the king bed sheets, tuck the excess material under the corner of your cotton sheets, and forget about dealing with anything else. Let me tell you why this kind of king bed sheets isn't such an insane idea. It's been said that many people in Australia stop using a fitted sheet after they've managed to get themselves tangled up in the cotton sheets at least once. 


With this cotton sheets, there are no more tangles! Gone are the days when you had to lie down in a bed so tightly tucked that you had difficulty getting out of king size bed sheets when you woke up in the morning. There aren't any more night-time tugs-of-war while you're trying to find a comfortable position in bed.


If you're like most people in Australia, you probably don't think much about how you put on your fitted sheet. You'll grab the king size bed sheets, flip it over the king size bed sheets, and pull it up around the edges—and that's fine. But are you doing it right?


Here's A Common Scenario: 


You throw on your fitted sheet in the normal fashion, but when you get to the queen size bed sheets, you grab them and yank them with all your might. What happens next? Your fitted sheet sets come loose from one or two corners and the rest of the queen size bed sheets bunch up in your hands. 


Or maybe the queen size bed sheets stay on—but what looks like a fitted sheet only covers certain areas of the bed. The king size fitted sheet looks sloppy, and it doesn't feel very secure. This is because that's not how a fitted sheet is supposed to work.



When Your Fitted Sheet Comes In The Mail, It Comes Rolled Up Tightly Around Itself


Then you unfold the king size fitted sheet and put it onto your king size fitted sheet. If you don't smooth out those wrinkles as best you can before putting on the fitted sheet, then there are going to be wrinkles in your bed every time you pull back the fitted sheet! It's just an unavoidable fact of life. And until now, there was no solution to the top sheets


For those of us who know how much a fitted sheet can do for your bed, it's infuriating to deal with them in a way that doesn't give the top sheets their due. They're loose and wrinkled on top of the top sheets, but as soon as you start making the bed, you have to deal with their bulging sides, which refuse to be tucked in and stay put. Frustratingly enough, it's all because the white sheet is folded under, which makes the corners too short to tuck into the white sheet properly.


But What If We Told You There Was A Better Way? There Is! 


By using an elastic band designed specifically for a fitted sheet (and using these instructions), you will no longer have to take your anger out on your fitted sheet. You won't have to worry about how long the cotton bed sheets will take to make the bed or whether anyone's coming by unexpectedly. No more having to rearrange everything because white sheet looks like a rumpled mess when you finally get around to make these cotton bed sheets


With this trick, your fitted sheet can be just as ready for company at a moment's notice as cotton bed sheets are when you're getting into bed after a long day at work. Purchasing a fitted sheet is a breeze, but actually putting the fitted bed sheets on your bed is a lot more difficult than you think. When you were younger, fitted bed sheets were easy to figure out how to get that fitted sheet over your fitted bed sheets —you just had to throw all the fitted sheet in the air and hope for the best. 


You Have Grown To Despise This Method Because It Never Works


either the fitted sheet is completely off-centre and your king sheets looks like an amateur put it on, or a fitted sheet is high in the air and there's no way to get the king sheets down without disturbing anyone in the bed.


This king sheets guide will show you a few simple tricks for applying a fitted sheet to your mattress so that they are centred, perfectly smooth, and long single sheets. It's easier than you think!


Okay, You've Got Your Fitted Sheet On Your Bed, Now What?


What you're missing is the elastic band that keeps long single sheets in place. That's right—that little elastic band that the fitted sheet or long single sheets are supposed to have, but doesn't.


The problem in Australia is, I bet you tried tossing that fitted sheet on with no band and jersey sheets just didn't work—jersey sheets kept bunching up and moving around. Or maybe it stayed in place for a week or two and then started slipping off at night.

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