Fitted sheets from It-fits - Why people want to win them.

Fitted sheets from It-fits - Why people want to win them.

Our advent calendar surprise from December 12th 2022, was the chance to win one of our soft and stretchy 100% Australian cotton fitted sheets. Everyone who shared why they wanted to win a fitted sheet from It-fits was participating. We loved your entry comments, creativity and passion towards this unique product.


Here we are sharing some of our favourite comments.


Stay tuned to find out who our winner is. 


“Would love jersey sheets of my own, have sleept on these sheets at our daughters they just felt so nice.”


“It would be wonderful to have some lovely fitted sheets”


“Because they are so crisp and fresh!”  


“Nerve damage can alter skin sensation, normal sheets can irritate and make sleep impossible. It-fits jersey is the best, no wrinkles and super softness stop skin tingling. So, so, good, thanks. “


“I would absolutely love to win this. My husband is a diabetic and his skin is so soft l cannot find any sheets that are suitable for him.”



“They are so comfortably nice to sleep in”


“They are warm but cooling at the same time and cosy in between”


“I'd love to try these sheets as they sound so soft and comfortable for all year round!”


“To rest our weary feet on a comfy fitted sheet. And sleep thru the night sounds just right”


“First heard about It-fits on Facebook. Loving the reviews, need to win see for myself. I am always battling putting a sheet on the bed these day. Fingers crossed”


“I would like to win this sheet, how snuggly in the winter, how easy for us to put on if it’s stretches, fantastic. Free Birthday present for me on the 22nd. Ha,Ha. Yes I really want to try these sheets, thank you”


“I can't wait to try them”


“Sounds perfect. I love Jersey cotton. Soft and cool in summer too. I'd love to put these sheets on our bed.”


“Love to try them, they look good”


“A change is as good as a holiday! I’d love a fresh new look and feel this summer!”


“These sheets look awesome look how great they would fit Logan's bed.”


“I love them”


 “I’d love some new, comfortable sheets to treat myself this Christmas after a challenging year!”


“Nothing nicer than new soft sheets”


“They look comfy”


“It-fits fitted sheet looks awesome love to try these sheets” 


“The joy of new sheets, nothing like it!”


“I would like to win because my sheets are not fitting properly.”


“I’d love to win this fitted sheet the sheets I currently have on the better ill fitting they roll up at night they cause me to toss and turn horrible cheap sheets so please It-fits help me make my bed with your amazing sheets”


“Having a nice sheet is one of those luxuries”


“Fitted sheets are very fitting for Christmas. Night time snuggles with Mittens.”


“A soft stretchy jersey sheet would solve the problem of our sheet popping off the mattress as soon as somebody turns over”


“Would love to It-fits sheets!” 


“Some good SAGE advice I have learnt over the years.

Never buy crappy sheets, been there DUNE that.

Good quality sheets are Gold especially if It-fits properly.

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up feeling ROSEy not FLAT, superior like a KING or QUEEN.

Good for your health too,

No more sleep time BLUEs with beautiful new sheets.”


“I'd love to win so I don't end up in a sausage roll of bed linen” 


“They do look so comfy, would love to try them out”


“No ironing AND a perfect night sleep?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING?? This fitted sheet could be life changing! Please change my life! With 4 kids I really need an amazingly soft comfy sleep on beautiful sheets”

“Your jersey sheets foster a good night sleep. Sleep is so important to our health.”


“This may not pop off at the corners !


“Because the Kmart sheets aren’t cutting it”


“These would be so comfortable to sleep on, no more budget sheets”


“So comfortable”


“Fits brilliantly”


“I would love to win It-fits Jersey sheets


"I know they won't be beat! 100% Cotton and I will be cool in summer and warm on winter nights Great sizes that fit nice and tight I'm crossing my fingers and toes Great quality really does show.”


“We need this for the perfect fit, comfort and quality”


“I need a fitted sheet so I will get up on the right side of the bed. It-fits Jersey sheets feels so right.”


“A new sheet for a better night’s sleep”


“I would love to win a bedsheet because what is better than slipping into a freshly made bed with new and fitted sheets?”


“Fitted sheets from It-fits comfortable and soft”


“soooo soft”


“Because hubby’s choice of scratchy sheets are no friend of mine”


“Because It-fits sheets will be soft & comfortable”


“It’s school holidays so I would love a good sleep. This teacher is tired”


“I've heard they're super comfy”


“Because they come in a range of sizes and colours and soft and comfortable”


“Love the comfort and the range of colours”


“My son thinks the cotton jersey is so comfy. He loves his cotton jersey quilt cover, he would love some sheets to go with it  “

 “Comfortable and soft for sleeping”


“Love the comfort and range of colours!"


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